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I'm Fede.



​With more than 20 years of experience on visual media and advertising i  Art Directed Ads for clients as Coca Cola, Movistar , Generalitat Valencia , Unilever, Range Rover, Toyota, Renault, Sprite , Ford ,Bolivar ,Nissan, Renault ,Banco Ciudad, Banco de Galicia, Claro, Danonne, Mercado Libre, Google, Colgate , Oppel germany , Budweiser ,  Isenbeck , Fox, Samsonite,Samsung and many others and made murals and interior Design decoration for Buenos Aires city markets and participated as guest  Professor on the Audiovisual Art Direction Master Degree for Barreira A+D school of design on Valencia on 2022.


i use Photoshop and Blender for concept Design mostly and i speak Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Email -

Tel - +34 644738221 Spain

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